Acne-Preventing Foods and Drinks

Acne-Preventing Foods and Drinks

Did you know that many factors can help and stimulate the growth of acne on the face ?, Well, besides hormonal factors and age, acne can also be caused due to lifestyle. The foods closest to acne growth are fried foods, spicy foods such as meatballs, spicy cassava chips, and foods too sweet like chocolate and even rice.

These foods are believed to be able to stimulate the growth of acne on the oil glands so that the face is more oily. There is the easiest prevention method you can do besides exercising or doing facial treatments, namely by consuming the following foods that are believed to be able to prevent acne. What are the foods? The following are acne prevention foods and drinks.

Acne-Preventing Foods and Drinks

1. Honey bee

As we know that honey bee has a myriad of properties that are good for health. One of them is bee honey containing a humectant which is a substance that is able to draw water around the face so that it keeps the face moist and supple. Besides honey bees also contain antibiotics so honey bees are able to treat open wounds such as acne and antioxidants can reduce the number of bacteria that develop around the face due to acne. Consume bee honey at least once a day. It would be better to use the original honey bee that is not added to the sweetener. If you don’t like it, it be combined with bread, or mix it into milk in your breakfast.

2. Green tea

Green tea has been on the rise lately. Lots of food, drinks and even ice cream which now has a variety of green tea flavors. In addition to the good taste, green tea has the effect of being able to repel free radicals such as exhaust pollution, cigarette smoke or air conditioning. This is because green tea contains antioxidants that can counteract free radicals. Green tea or green tea now has many forms and packaging, besides being brewed, there is now a lot of green tea in pill form and soft drinks.

3. Yogurt

Fermented milk is believe to be able to prevent acne. This is because yogurt has vitamin C which can maintain skin health. Drink yogurt at least 2 times a week, besides being able to maintain facial health, you can also improve digestion.

4. Water

White water is the most effective acne prevention drink. The water is also able to dissolve the dirty substances in the body, support the body’s performance, help digestion and keep up skin moisture. Then consume at least 8 glasses per day to keep up healthy skin and avoid acne. Signs if you lack water intake, you will usually feel symptoms such as fatigue, dizziness and fatigue.

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