5 Things That Cause Acne That We don’t Realize

5 Things That Cause Acne That We don't Realize

Acne is a disease that usually attacks the face. In general, acne is not dangerous, but the presence of acne is very disturbing appearance. Acne on the face will make you feel uncomfortable and lose self-confidence. So it’s not surprising that acne become an obstacle to appear dazzling.

Many things cause acne to appear and some of them cause acne we don’t realize. Even the cause of acne is very closely related to the lifestyle you apply. Then what are the causes of acne that we don’t realize? Here are 5 things that cause acne that we don’t realize:

Faucet water

Did you know that tap water be one of the causes of acne on the face. This problem often occurs when you are outdoors and you are using water in public places. You need to know that not all types of water match your skin.

Well, to avoid pimples because your tap water gives enough time for the skin to adapt. then use a facial cleanser with softer ingredients.

Pillow case

Then the pillow case that we have been using so far be a cause of acne on the face. Pillowcases that have not been replaced for a long time have many millions of bacteria and your beautiful face will radiate every night without your realizing it.

Even experts recommend changing the pillowcase more often or about three times a day. Don’t forget to diligently wash your face before going to bed and tie your hair too.

Air conditioning

In modern times like this, every home may already have AC or air conditioning. AC is very effective to relieve heat. Not even a few people are dependent on this one tool. There is no air conditioner can not sleep and is not comfortable.

To avoid this, try to cut the use of air conditioning. Instead you can try a fan if the weather is really hot.


Detergents have become material that must present in everyday life. Detergents are needed to wash the clothes back clean. The detergent itself is mostly made of chemicals.

Where these chemicals are usually not suitable for sensitive skin. If you don’t have a problem with skin care but suddenly your face becomes spotty, maybe that’s the cause of detergent. Therefore, you can replace the type of detergent commonly used.


Nowadays the use of cellphones can’t left. Everyone from all walks of life and age already has this one sophisticated tool. Do you know? cellphones that we often carry everywhere can turn out to be a cause of acne. When the cellphone attaches to the face, all the bacteria on the screen of the cellphone can move on the skin especially the cheek area.

Therefore, don’t forget to always keep your cellphone clean. Clean the cellphone by using anti-bacterial tissue more often.

Originally posted 2019-03-01 02:49:00.